When I was little I remember a distinct incident in which another girl in my gym class decided that she wanted to whip me with a jump rope (jump ropes, the same way as whips, can break the sound barrier if you crack them fast enough, aka it fucking hurts to get hit with one). She hit me again and again until my legs were covered in red welts (no matter how many times I told my gym teacher she wouldn’t believe me or she didn’t care, who knows, she was an awful person). She thought it was funny, she was enjoying it, it was just fun and games to her. I was nearly in tears when I decided that enough was enough and I had to make her stop, so I hit her.

That’s the Teen Wolf fandom. That’s Sterek shippers in a nutshell (only the ground we’re standing on has always been unequal you are Goliath, we are David). A group of thousands can not bully a group of few, can not harass and alienate the minority, and then claim that their reaction, whatever it may be, has no basis.

Let’s go back to the jump rope incident, I have been continually physically hurt by this girl and no one will help me, no one will even recognize my pain, and so I make her stop in the only way I can, by actually physically stopping her. She of course then starts crying and eventually we end up going through a ‘peer mediation’ session where they tell us “it doesn’t matter who started it”. THAT. IS. WRONG. It always matters who started it. I never would hit this girl if she hadn’t been hurting me. Anti-Sterek people would not even exist were it not for the hateful and hurtful actions of Sterek shippers and in no universe is “ship shaming” or ship bashing comparable to the string of ableist, sexist, misogynist, racist, abuse apologist, victim blaming actions of the Sterek fandom. If the hostile environment of this fandom is ever going to be remedied it is Sterek shippers who need to make the first move.

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