Anonymous said: "Ugh, did anyone notice that there is homophobia in the show when it's plot relevant? Like when the lead needs to stay in the dance and he pretends to dance with a gay man, everyone assumes he's yelling at him for being a homophobe and not because he has a good reason to yell at them, just because he's 'dancing' with a gay guy. That sort of implies that there is homophobia in their world, but only when it's convenient for the cishet lead."

YES! I definitely noticed this (mainly bc I’m not a coach finstock fan tbh, like “this school has a no tolerance bullying policy” lmao says the biggest bully in the school) While I’m a huge scanny shipper the entire point of that scene is that Scott is using Danny and ppl’s homophobic biases and assumptions to cover his own ass.

The scene that bothers me the most though is the sheriff’s line when Stiles says he could be gay and the sheriff snarkily responds “not dressed like that”. Like I get that the line is 100% for comedic affect but it bothers me that so often that scene is used as ‘proof’ that stiles isn’t straight when it’s literally just a one liner joke based on homophobic stereotypes.

Anonymous said: "I don't understand what you think this is going to do. If you really hate Teen Wolf and all it's ableism that much, just get a petition signed instead of making everyone else that enjoys the show look like an asshole for enjoying it. Also, I'm not saying that what you bring to the table isn't good, it's very understandable. Just, put it in a more official space, so that you can actually get something done. Right now, it's not doing anything but making people angry. Hope your day is lovely. :)"


Next time you want to defend incest

  • The majority of American rape victims (61%) are raped before the age of 18
  • Research indicates that 46% (of the previously stated 61%) of children who are raped are victims of family members.
  • Estimates of the number of incest victims in the United States vary. These discrepancies can be attributed to the fact that incest remains an extremely under-reported crime. All too often, pressure from family members — in addition to threats or pressure from the abuser — results in extreme reluctance to reveal abuse and to subsequently obtain help.
  • Incest has been cited as the most common form of child abuse. Studies conclude that 43% of the children who are abused are abused by family members, 33% are abused by someone they know, and the remaining 24% are sexually abused by strangers. Other research indicates that over 10 million Americans have been victims of incest.
  • Often the incest victim does not understand — or they deny — that anything is wrong with the behavior they are encountering. Many young incest victims accept and believe the perpetrator’s explanation that this is a “learning experience” that happens in every family by an older family member. (This is the ‘consensual’ incest you are referring to btw, victims who have been manipulated into believing their abuse is normal)
  • Victims of sexual assault are: 3 times more likely to suffer from depression, 6 times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol, 26 times more likely to abuse drugs, 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide.
  • There is absolutely nothing to suggest that incest between ‘consenting’ adults is a common occurance
  • However all data (that can be easily found through google on websites with vetted sources and citations) points towards the vast overwhelming majority of incest occurring between adults and children or older but not adult perpetrators abusing younger family members. This is child sexual abuse!

fucking don’t.

sources (that all include their own citations) x , x ,

incest is disgusting

incest is abusive

incest is WRONG

Let’s just mull over the fact, for a moment, that there are an innumerable amount of people in the world who find it inexcusable to insult someone based on their opinions and ideologies, you know, calling someone a piece of shit, shooting down their wrong headed opinions with vitriol, denying their condescension, labeling someone who’s being an asshole…an asshole, that’s all terrible uncondonable behavior. But perpetuating systematic oppression, microaggressions, and blatant bigotry? That’s all well and good as long as you have a facade of ‘intelligence’ and sugar coat your words. Don’t you dare point out the wolf in sheep’s clothes though because then you’re the bad guy.

answered what I could and then deleted all the old messages in the inbox. sry guys but this blog needs a fresh start.

Anonymous said: "Is calling someone psycho or insane ok if they are a diagnosed with psychosis or psychopathy (when talking about a diagnosed rapist or serial killer) fictional or non fictional?"

In short, no. Insane is always a derogatory word when not being reclaimed by mentally ill people. And while ‘psycho’ may be short for psychotic or psychopath it too has no other real meaning beyond a derogatory one. Just call it what it is.

Anonymous said: "you literally have no right to talk about POC problems you privileged white fuck. you're diminishing the struggle by claiming we can't speak for ourselves. we can, and we don't need you broadcasting our issues like you even HAVE A CLUE what we go through. you've never been marginalized and your opinions on what it's like to BE marginalized are irrelevant. if you're white, you don't know what you're talking about. that is a fact."

When have I ever claimed to speak for anyone? The only times I’ve ever spoken myself on these issues I have directly asked friends who do experience racism for their input or specifically posted in support of another blogger in whatever shit storm was currently going down in the Teen Wolf fandom. I’ve always tried to center the voices of people actually affected by the specific ism in question. Like for real? I mostly just reblog what other people say. How the hell is that a problem?

I don’t know if anyone has said this before but I won’t let this swept under the rug because I am one furious blogger. Now my favorite character happens to be the one and only, Vernon Boyd IV.

I was absolutely distraught when Boyd was killed off I understand that many others were as well, we finally started understanding his back story and origins. A brother, a science fan, and someone who cared about protecting others. Sinqua, like Michelle Rodriguez and Sean Bean, has a chronically killed actor syndrome, which I could have eventually accepted. However, I made the grave mistake of looking through his tag and…

The Isaac Lahey Stans. Now, I am a Stan for many characters I know what they were feeling, but the only other fandom I’ve seen things like that written in character’s tag is TVD. A number of posts were about how happy they were that Boyd had died instead of Isaac. To say it was in poor taste would be the understatement of the year.